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Sikh Wedding:Sal&Imaan

Gorgeous Sikh wedding,which was shot so beautifully,I like the transition from the wedding to before the wedding. I like how they captured details such as the chooda ceremony and the baraat. Her reception look is absolutely elegant. 

Video by:Brellow Productions


Nothing like a good cuppa to start your wedding day!


Sikh Wedding:Andy&Natasha

I loved this beautiful wedding her pink and white lehenga was stunning and they both had nice matching outfits. His sherwani was really nice even though I’m not a huge fan of sherwanis. His suited him quite well and it was well fitted. They make a lovely couple :D

Video by:Dreamline Productions


Alok & Venu’s Indian Fairytale Wedding

So here’s the deal,
We all know any region in india has a problem with same race marriages.
Who are we to say you can’t marry thw person you love, social media? NO!
let’s make a stand and help these lovers to freely love.
It’s the 21st century, the century to make a change.


Interracial/Interfaith African-American&Indian Sikh Wedding:Mik&Vineet

Yaaay I’m extremely happy to be posting this video,this video has made my day I finally come across a Sikh and African American wedding. But on top of that it’s one of the nicest and sweetest weddings I’ve come across this year. Everyone’s so happy for them and bless Vineet is so beautiful they make such a gorgeous couple. This weddings just amazing and everyone should watch it!

Video by:nstpictures

(via thepunjabihermit)


Makeup by MUS